Monichelle Designs

Monichelle Designs 1Monique Schepers, a former FACS teacher now part-time stay-at-home mom and full-time designer/crafter, started Monichelle Designs from her Jefferson City, Missouri home in 2009. Monique’s featured designs revolve mostly around bright, fun and creative items for babies and children. She creates and recreates patterns to sew a wonderful selection of superhero capes and masks for boys and girls, playtime vests, crayon roll-up, bowties, burp cloths, and soft block sets for babies. While she carries certain staple items all of the time, Monique changes up her imaginative play items for kids often. Monichelle Designs also encompasses a mix of other eclectic talents including various pieces of brightly, hand-painted furniture and an eye for fun vintage fare picked from nearby flea markets and antique stores.