Knots to Knobs Restoration

Knots to Knobs inside photoHi! My name is Emily Donaldson. I turned my hobby into a side business, Knots to Knobs Restoration in July of 2013. I am located in Jefferson City, Missouri.
It all started when I realized my twelve year old son’s clothes no longer fit in the dresser he used since birth. That’s right. We’re squeezing a teenager’s clothes into drawers for infant clothes.  I found what I thought would be a perfect dresser on Craigslist, did some research on how to paint the dresser, and got started. By the time I was done I realized it wasn’t quite the size he needed. I guess I’ll always picture him as my baby. So, with a beautifully painted dresser without a home, I put it up for sale on Craigslist, and it sold within a week. From there, I painted our bathroom vanity, end tables, and whatever else I could get my hands on at the time. I was hooked, and the rest they say is history! (By the way, my son is still operating out of a dresser two sizes too small.)
I describe my work as “restored and repurposed furniture designed with a creative eye, hard work, and an ounce or two of O.C.D.” I’ve always enjoyed art, design, and the whole idea of DIY.  With the Pinterest boom, I’ve been inspired to expand beyond furniture and add crafts and artwork to my “resume”.
I couldn’t do it without the help of my husband, Todd. He’s the muscle and skill behind it all. I can explain to him what I’m wanting, and he can pretty much create what I have in mind. He builds it, and I make it pretty. Granted we don’t always have the same vision, but with art, some of the best things come from working through your mistakes surprises.
I’ve really enjoyed working with Winding Road. It’s given me an avenue to showcase and sell our creations, because my house only has so many walls and furniture space!

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