Junk Love Boutique

Junk Love Boutique inside photoHi all! I am Nicole Stiers with Junk Love Boutique (JLB). I have been working with Winding Road Gifts & Interiors since the store opened.  You will find a variety of my furniture pieces on the showroom floor along with a good selection from our JLB sign line and seasonal rustic décorJunk Love Boutique

On just about any given day, you will probably find me in a t-shirt, holey jeans, boots, and most likely a hat to hide my messy, paint-splattered hair (It happens, what can I say!). I work out of my grandparent’s basement and garage. My grandma, Ruth, paints with me pretty much full time and my grandpa, Larry, is the muscle behind the operation. We buy and sell furniture pieces that most people would never even give a second look, as well as, building new pieces and customizing them for your home. Also, if you have pieces that need a face lift we are more than happy to refinish them for you.

What started as refinishing furniture for my own home has turned into something greater than I could have EVER imagined!

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