Daryl Libbert

Daryl Libbert inside photoDaryl, Winding Road’s official “master of barnwood,” lives with his wife, Kristi, in rural Centertown, Missouri. Working out of the shop next to his house, Daryl creates a variety of masterful works from reclaimed wood and other materials. His 35+ years of construction and finish carpenter skills are evident in the pieces he builds. Now retired, Daryl has made quite a hobby out of crafting for the store. Winding Road is very happy to carry items such as harvest dining table and bench sets (full-size and child-size), table-top trays, crates and boxes, birdhouses, occasional tables and benches, headboards and side tables, as well as many other seasonal items including but definitely not limited to hand-cut, painted pumpkins, stars and Christmas trees. Daryl’s skill and amazing hand for woodworking has put his products at high demand, as he sells exclusively with Winding Road Gifts & Interiors.

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