Crafter Spotlight for June

We have some very talented Missouri crafters that create amazing pieces for our showroom floor!  Unfortunately, our crafters cannot be in the store each week to meet our customers and demonstrate their individual talents. However, we would still like you to meet them and see the unique talents and creative processes they use to build their crafts. Join us here each month as we highlight one of our crafters and tell his or her story!

Meet Amy Meyer 
















Amy’s work can be seen throughout Winding Road on the walls, tables, and shelves.  She specializes in beautiful lettering that flows on framed pictures, wooden planks and even unique greeting cards!

Amy has been married to her husband, Stephen, for 24 years and has two children, Job and Max.  She lived in Jefferson City, Missouri nearly all her life until 4 years ago when the family moved to just down the road to Centertown, Missouri.

When creating her beautiful works, Amy enjoys using several types of media including colored pencils, paint, clay, paper, wood, and vintage finds.  “When painting a scripture I either have my friend, Jesse, or my husband build me a sign or sometimes I use found pieces.”  Amy preps her boards with stain or paint and free hands what she wants her sign to say.  Sometimes, she uses a chalk pencil to letter an entire verse and finishes it up by going over it with paint.  Amy draws inspiration from Instagram and reading books.  It is when she studies her Bible in the morning or listens to a sermon that she is most inspired for her scripture art.  “I enjoy sharing a favorite hymn or something that I have learned from scripture that has helped me or I feel may help others.  It’s kind of like a ministry.”

While Amy has a perfect studio space in her home, she tends to prefer working in her dining room or at her kitchen island.  “The kitchen is the heart of our home, so I get to see everyone as they come and go.”

Here at Winding Road, we always enjoy seeing Amy’s face come through our door.  She never fails to surprise us with the new pieces she has created.  Amy’s works are all original to own her hand, including each individual greeting card which are all hand-lettered in black ink, simple and beautiful enough to be framed by the recipient. When you stop into the store on your next visit, please look for some of Amy’s work!